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Investment Philosophy

At Noufal Capital, we believe investment is a means to an end. It could be maintaining the same lifestyle after retirement, providing a boost to our children’s education, or even leaving lasting legacy for your family. Naturally, each of us will have our own destination, and each path will be eked out differently.

What makes us all the more effective is the customized investment plan we adeptly craft for each client and execute hand-in-hand with them, consistently helping them stay the course with the right temperament. This will properly ensure that they reach their cherished financial goals without any distraction.

Investment Strategy

Whether it’s for retirement, children’s education, or even leaving something to the heirs, long-term focus is the key to the intrinsic success of the plan. Compounding over a long period can do wonders in creating wealth and meeting those goals, sometimes well in advance. At Noufal Capital, long-term investing is our chosen mantra, which drives all our investment and risk management strategies.

Our equity investment strategy is based on taking advantage of this long-term compounding. We build a robust portfolio of quality stocks with a long runway and visibility of earnings, individually tailored to each client’s specific goals and risk profile. Our comprehensive knowledge of the Indian equity market and the macroeconomic developments helps us correctly identify such quality stocks. Advanced quantitative analysis ensures that we make the right pricing decisions. “Quality at Right Price” would sum up our investment strategy very well.

Risk Management

Disciplined Risk Management is ingrained in the investment processes at Noufal Capital. Time-tested principles of Asset Allocation and Diversification are effectively employed to estimate and manage risk for each of our clients. We invest in an array of asset classes - Domestic and International Equity (direct and funds/ETFs), Fixed Income instruments, precious metals like gold, etc. A typical portfolio is diversified across asset classes and across geography optimized for post-tax returns and risk . Our performance record consummately shows that such a portfolio outperforms the market in good times and protects clients’ investments during difficult times.

Under our stewardship, clients have earned
handsome return:




Weighted return (net of fees) is shown. Return will vary from client to client based on starting date and cashflow. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Sharpe Ratio is a measure of risk adjusted return. Higher the better.

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