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Noufal G. K. | 5 April, 2022

Talk on finance post  retirement at NPOL Kochi

17-Mar-2022 | NPOL Kochi

Mr. Noufal G K has delivered a talk on finance and investment post retirement at Naval Physical & Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL), Kochi. This was arranged for a group of employees, who are retiring this year. These personnels served at various levels – Director, Scientist & Operators and were eager to learn what retirement will bring on their financial life.

Retirement means a sudden drop of income. How it will affect financial life is elaborated.  Good news is that the NPOL is a government. organization and inflation indexed pension is assured.  However the corrosive effect of inflation on retiree’s assets cant be arrested unless they are properly invested.  Therefore the need for equity investment with proper risk management was explained.

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